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Brembo 19RCS Forged Radial Brake Master Cylinder with Folding Standard Lever

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  • A 19x18 and 19x20 master cylinder in one!
  • Incorporates microswitch brake technology for instant street use (does not require banjo with pressure switch)
  • Relocated knob adjuster like the Brembo 19x20 Billet Folding Brake Master Cylinder used in MotoGP
  • Folding lever for mitigating crash damage
  • Brembo Reservoir Options: When upgrading your Brembo master cylinder, you may need an external Brembo reservoir to house the excess brake / clutch fluid. If you have a reservoir, you do not need to purchase another one. For bikes with reservoirs integrated into the master cylinder (old-school!), Brembo now offers a reservoir mounting kit that allows you to install a 45ml reservoir, all hardware included.

    Banjo Bolt Options: When upgrading your master cylinder, you may need new banjo bolts to connect the Brembo master cylinder to your brake lines. Choose a single banjo for OEM brake line configurations (one line to the right caliper with a crossover). Choose a double banjo for dual line configurations (one line to each caliper). For race applications, the banjo bolts do not have pressure switches. For street applications, the banjo bolts have pressure switches that allow you to activate the brake lights.



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